Licker & Hennessy Asleep Together

Upon Finding Licker & Hennessy Asleep

I found this evening evening’s darlings
Brace of dogs, beloved companions
Sleeping on their bed together,
Curled like wife and friend and mother
Glory, Lord, be Yours forever
Intertwined in grateful loving.

She that raised him as a puppy
Dozed with half-lids perching sweetly
Watchful, ever watchful caring
Breathed a song of cautious singing
All in ease of earnest caring
Fierce devotion, harmoniously.

Half a year, and he was greater
Larger than her compact burly
In the wrestling, oft prevailing
Yet with grace akin to failing
He lays down, and softly biting
Pecks she him, and grips him swiftly.

Lord of all, of nations conscious
Thank we Thee, that Thou should show us
How two dogs do live in loving
Demonstrate their noble bearing
Honestly in play and daring
Demonstrate Your Heart is thus.