The Soul of A Dog

The Soul of A Dog

The soul of a dog is as deep as the start

Of a sunset and vista in Vail.

The uncountable stars on a dark desert night

Are not nearly so vast as his heart.


I had sought for a friend down the hallways of years

Who was straight as an arrow and true;

When the choices were gone, and no choices remained

I prayed deeply, and simply, in fear.


“Help me find him or her, O My God, O My Lord,

Help me find her, or lonely I die.”

With my head and my knees on the hard chilly floor

I wept bitter tears with each word.


I felt a cold chill on the side of my face,

A chill and a breath that was wet,

And a puppy I’d rescued the previous day

Snuggled next to me, seeking embrace.


“Thank you, Lord, thank you, Lord, I can hear You, I do!”

And a joy filled my chest, filled my head and my soul.

For the next twenty years, I was grateful, in peace

But today she is buried, and tomorrow,  me too.