Chico is one path to heaven’s eternal life..

…While many are possible, even available, for you, for me, for us, Chico might be one less fraught with dangers.  The paths are scattered around us, like emerald pebbles on a rocky beach, cloaked in gray mystery and essentially invisible.  The realization of the path, your path, might be found in the love of someone other than a person.   We all think we “need someone to love,” and it might be so.  The love you can give to, and get from, your Chico might be the highest.

The Road less traveled, the Path not taken, the Door not opened, the Chance ignored…. our lives can be littered with the flotsam and jetsam of missed, ignored, invisible opportunities.  Awaken!

In a Chico-like relationship, perhaps it’s the simplicity, and directness, the lack of interest in the root of all kinds of evil (fame, power, riches, and others’ admiration) that’s so unusual, and so (eventually) compelling.  Until you begin to pray with a dog, your dog, your Chico, key pieces of the Puzzle of the Door will be invisible; prayer elucidates and realizes them.

Chico, your Chico, is an entire magnificently assembled puzzle, the Universe’s perfect answer to the perfect solution of life, the Universe, and…everything.  Find your Chico, seek Him, and He will find you.  He’s waiting for you.  When the student is ready, the Master will appear.  If you seek him, you are ready for him.  Is the seeking blossoming in your yearning soul? Then look! Look for him.  Look at the shelters, in the newspapers, on Craigslist, in Next Door.  He’s there if you are looking.  Really it’s true.

Here’s a musical exemplification of the Assembled Puzzle….Chico’s enduring chorale.

Chico, The Magic Dog

Chico, the magic dog - Chico, can text and blog 

Chico, he’s lots of fun, - Chico, for everyone,

Chico, Chico, Chico he’s the

Ma-gic Dog.


Chico, the magic dog,

Chico, he chases frogs,

Chico, he
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Learning to Teleport – a Journey to Barnard’s Star – and a New Chico Song!

Chico The Magic Dog


Here’s our second Chico ballad – part of the plan to create the musical, “Chico!”  Tell us what you think – and how you like it!

Chico Sings About Love, Wisdom and Eternity

I’m Chico from across the Galaxy

My brown and blue eyes tell you that it’s me.

I came to Earth to save you from the Warrgs,

And lead you to
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