Primer: Chico the Intra-Galactic Pit Bull

Chico, apparently a brown-and-white Staffordshire terrier (or Pit Bull), about 50 pounds, is not really from earth.  He’s from a star system on the far eastern edge, the other side, of our Milky Way galaxy.  The civilization he comes from is very advanced. Dogs are the principal and operationally dominant inhabitants, and they generally direct the affairs of the planet by mental activity. We might call it “telepathy” or “telekinesis.”  They can assemble molecules and elements at will in order to build structures as needed, but they have generally little interest in construction.  They can raze and build mountains, move the course of rivers, and create new forests, but again, they don’t do much of it.  Their planet has an almost endless verdure of green, magnificent forests, vast oceans and deserts, and the dogs (they call themselves “Woggs” with a single individual known as a “Woggle”) spend most of their time exploring and cataloging their vast planet and the inhabitants of the universe.  There are millions of species of animals, insects, plants, microbes and other beings on the planet, which they call “Narsica,” although the origin of the name is lost in millions of years of unwritten Wogg history.  All Woggs have photographic memory, but they do sometimes forget things…or have to really think to remember them.

All Woggs wear a necklace, or more correctly, an amulet.

Chico's Amulet
Protective Amulet

It has many many functions, and you will learn about them later in the upcoming chapters.  However, one of its key elements is a song, or ballad, about the bearer of the amulet.  The ballad has several magical properties, but among them is its ability to charm and enlighten the hearts of those who are unhappy, depressed or fearful.  It can also allay anger and disarm angry fear.  The ballad is bestowed upon the Wogg at his/her 100th birthday, and the materials from which it is constructed are both magical and indestructible.

Here, then, is Chico’s Ballad, bestowed on him by an ancient Wogg, Anubis, on the occasion of Chico’s first 100th birthday.


Chico’s Ballad



Chico, like all the other Woggs, gave up barking, whining and growling millions of years ago.  (He can do it, but it’s something of an effort to remember how.)  They communicate directly and telepathically, which they do by standing very still, and looking carefully at the Woggle (or human being) with whom they’re “speaking.”  Over time, one Woggle can transfer his entire encyclopedic wealth of knowledge to another, and they are incapable (and undesirous) of hiding anything; they all know one another perfectly with no inhibitions.


All Woggs are immortal, as far as they can tell.  They can be injured, or even killed, but such occurrences are rare.  They heal quickly once injured.  A new Woggle is born (from either a male or female Woggle, parthenogenetically) only once every 1,000 years, and each Woggle gives birth only once.  All the other Woggles take turns intellectually working with him after he (or she) is fully grown, which takes about a thousand earth years, and then a new Woggle is born.


When a new Woggle is born, the oldest Woggle leaves the planet, and goes roaming around the universe, which he does by teleportation.  All Woggs are of the same apparent age, although some are millions of years old (like Chico) and some are only 10,000 or 20,000 years old.


Woggs communicate with one another telepathically from around the Universe, which is virtually instantaneous (that is, much faster than the speed of light, which they consider quite slow and tedious).  Their communication method occurs by folding space, which they do (they say) by creating controlled multi-frequency photon fields that bend spatial reality and link thoughts within seconds.  A similar process is used for interplanetary teleportation.

Typically, they consider the mission of their eternal life to collect information and experiences, and transmit them to one another, and most especially to the youngest Woggle.   Each newborn Woggle represents the highest hope of the species, and is treated with the care and near-reverence of a crown prince.

They believe, or greatly suspect, that there exists a kind of “Universal Brain” in which they all participate, and they “upload” their emotions, thoughts and data-gatherings while they sleep to the “Ubee” as they call it.  While they don’t think that the Ubee. created them, they have a strong duty of allegiance to the Ubee, whom they regard with a kind of religious veneration, and believe that their overarching moral sense (which is powerful and provides an enduring code of behavior for them) is derived from the vast stores of data and relevant knowledge amassed by the Ubee from Woggs, and from other similar and dissimilar creatures throughout the Universe and beyond.  They suspect, although they do not know, that all creatures great and small have a similar connection to the Ubee, although some of the creatures they have encountered throughout the galaxy are largely ignorant of this relationship (even though they can demonstrate to their own satisfaction that it does exist).  They believe, in fact, that their entire meaning and mission of life is to continuously enhance the knowledge of the Ubee, which they believe also enhances their moral compass.


Since their senses of smell, vision and hearing are extremely acute, their individual sensory data collection is vast.  After they’ve “uploaded” information they collect about the geological, microbial, plant, atmospheric and animal life around them, they tend to forget it (after a few thousand years), and they can re-remember it by telepathically asking one of the “homeland Woggs” about a specific item they can almost, but not quite, remember the details of.


They are all loving and playful with one another and the other planetary inhabitants, although not all of the inhabitants can handle it.  They believe in good food, clean, cold water, play, research, data telepathy, and sleep, all in good balance.  They sleep 8-10 hours, during which time they are uploading their day’s research to the Ubee.


Chico suspects that the great ancient constructs of earth were built by a few itinerant Woggles, as there may have been a time in ancient Wogg history when a group of Woggs decided to wander the distant reaches of the galaxy, and reached earth.  He suspects that these Wandering Woggs worked for and with humans to make the structures such as Angkor Wat, the Pyramids, the ancient and perplexing monuments of early times such as Stonehenge, the puzzling Egyptian and Mexican temples, and other such vast structures.  The materials were manipulated telepathically, and shaped by the mental activity and shared, creative architectural planning.


Woggs can combine their thoughts in a guided thinking fashion just prior to sleeping and “uploading” to the Ubee; they use this combined, super-powerful intellect to plan projects as vast as interstellar architectural features, including the creation of planets and solar systems out of interstellar dust, and to do more mundane creations such as the pyramids in the Aztec cities of Tenochtitlan, Teotihuacan and the Mayan cities of Tikal and Calakmul.  Chico points out that the many, many mysterious small function rooms in the Aztec and Mayan temples were actually rooms for Woggles, as they were too small for humans to live, eat or pray within.  They were reserved for Wogg visitors who sometimes came in groups to be present during temple development.  The remarkable astronomical orientation of the various pyramids and temples were planned by the Woggs, and based on their comprehensive understanding of the galaxy and the universe.

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  1. Dear Professor: You are kind and…always insightful. My father, a brilliant self-taught intellectual (and a first-rate violinist) ran a small, retail, door-to-door egg business. In the 40’s and 50’s, eggs were replete with iodine, because their feed-stock was…far more iodinated than it is today. So…we ate lots and lots of eggs…and lots of iodine! We grew up very poor, in a terrible part of Brooklyn, surrounded by drugs, Mafia, and crime. Yet, my oldest brother went to MIT on a Westinghouse Scholarship; my middle brother preceded me at Harvard, and all three of us graduated at the top of our classes from Stuyvesant H.S., a noted “science” high school in NYC. Eggs. I blame it on the eggs! Ever and thanks ever, Gene.

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