Neeki Will Return to Us

Neeki Will Return to Us – As Jerusalem Lives
(Meditation on the Lamentations of Jeremiah the Prophet)

Oh Neeki, how I lament your passing
And how it makes me to wonder and then to believe
That I could somehow saved read more



♥ Neeki ♥
In Memoriam

The four brief years you blessed our lives
With white-starred cheer and tannish love
Were ever-lighted by your eyes, your auburn gaze,
Of gentle smiles and mother’s hugs.

The candle burns at both read more

Death of a Snail

Death of a Snail

The lizards race across the path
And dodge the bike’s front tire.
I watch them racing ‘cross the track
Their tails and legs afire.
They never dawdle, never shirk,
They neither read more

The Soul of A Dog

The Soul of A Dog

The soul of a dog is as deep as the start

Of a sunset and vista in Vail.

The uncountable stars on a dark desert night

Are not nearly so vast as his heart.


I had sought for a friend down the hallways of years

Who read more

A Prayer for my Wife

A Prayer for my Wife

July 5, 2014

It rained all night, yet in between the claps
Of harried wind and blowing lights, and lightning snaps
I comforted my trembling Hennessy
And prayed with her for friends and enemies.
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Beau’s Scar

“…as soon as she began washing her master, she at once knew the scar…”

Homer: The Odyssey, Ch. 19 (trans. Butler)

Beau’s Scar

In March I met a man when I had shopped,
And tales of dogs we bantered and we swapped;
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Cucu’s Return

Cucu’s Return

The chapel of my heart a sentinel stands guard
His loyal fierceness never rests save betimes
To play the rough-and-tumble with me in the yard

Jump on the sofa like a little dragon mime
Watch me, searching, read more

Dream for My Dogs

Dream for my Dogs…

I dream of a place where my doggies can go,
To play in the park, and romp in the snow;
Enjoy our sweet lives, and wag their fine tails,
Drink beautiful water and play in the vale.

For Pat

For Pat – On Friendship Reincarnate

Patrice, your memory is for me
A dream we seek to sleep once more
And dream again, so that its free
Formed passion waves an end, on shores
To crash again in rapt rapport.

I wander past this read more

Hennessy & Morpheus


I tried to imagine a life without Thee,
And the effort was fraught with pain.
I tried to imagine the way I would feel
But the effort distorted my brain.

My heart filled with empty,
My soul flooded out,
The read more

Henny, Your Sweetness is to Me

To Hennessy

Henny, your sweetness is to me
Like none from any friends of mine
So gently does my heart find thee;
I wander weary labyrinthine times
And find you in my mind.

On lonely paths I hapless roam –
Your soulful read more

Thank you, Ozymandias

Thank You, Ozymandias

I drove tonight along a highway bare
Devoid of any gleam of ancient grace;
A sullen curve of engineering glare
Full blinded by an advertising space
That shameless swore a fleet financial snare.

Not far the read more

Thank you, Will, for #130

Thank You, Will, For #130

My Hennessy has eyes that shine so bright
Yet one is slightly dimmed by injury;
Her soft brown ears are velvet, left and right
Her nose a chilly point of inquiry.
In other dogs read more

The Beauty of the Frog

The Beauty of the Frog

He stands as if about to jump
Despite his metal frame;
And magnifies the stolid earth
His toes and poise declaim.

The ancient green patina worn
About his sinewed dance,
Reflects the art of drawn-from-life
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The Dog Judges Humans

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mohandes Ghandi

“All cetaceans as persons have the right to life, liberty and well-being.” Helsinki read more

The Dog to His Master

Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.
— Anatole France

The Dog to His Master
Let me not be left behind the idea
Of soul’s awakening. Love is only true
When writ large read more

What We Learn from Our Dogs

The origin of the word “dog” is, according to one on-line etymological dictionary, “one of the great mysteries in the English language.”  We know the provenance of “hund,” but not of “dog.” I have suggested in read more